Waterproof Motorcycle Phone Holder

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  • Zippers are lined with waterproof material. The back of the case is made from hard plastic for maximum protection in case of accidental drops. We’ve also added a loop to be used to secure the case to you bike with a cord (cord not included in the package). 
  • Mount is made from hardened plastic. We decided not to go with metal to avoid scratching the paint or chrome of your handlebars. The inside of the mount is lined with rubber to ensure a solid hold and reduce vibrations.
  • Convenient and hassle free: special material of the front screen allows you to use the touchscreen of your phone while leaving it in the case. Our users love this because you can make adjustments to your route on the go.
  • Easily attach and remove the waterproof case from the mount. Simply attach the mount to your motorcycle and click the waterproof case on. If you’re done riding, click the case off and take it with you. Easy as that.


Make sure you select the right size for your phone! 

If you're phone is not on the list below, check out the size of your phone on this website and make sure you order the right one for you!!

Small =  4"    - iPhone 4 | iPhone 4s | iPhone SE | iPhone 5 | Samsung Galaxy S | Samsung Nexus S | 

Medium = 4.7" - iPhone 6 & 6s & 7 |  Galaxy SII | Samsung Galaxy A3 | Motorola Moto E | Nokia Lumia 720 & 900 & 1020 & 920 & 925 | HTC One | LG Nexus 4 

Large =  5.7" - iPhone 6 Plus & 7 Plus | Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4 & S5 & S6 & S7 & S8 | Samsung Galaxy J3 | Samsung Galaxy A5 | Google Pixel | HTC One M8 & M9 | Sony Xperia Z & X & Z1 & Z3 | Motorola Moto G | BlackBerry Z3 | Huawei P8 | LG Nexus 5X | Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & 5 | LG G4 |


Why our customers love this product:

  • Waterproof and shockproof phone case.
  • Touch screen works when phone is in the case.
  • Withstood droptests.
  • Strong mount made from durable plastic. Sits tight and does not scratch your handlebars.
  • Holds any type of phone (be careful to select the right size!)
  • Sturdy screws that can be adjusted without you needing to take your gloves off.
  • Safe payment and accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.
  • Reliable delivery within 14 days.

Customer Reviews

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Works for me!

I've done my first miles with this phone holder and it works great. I've fitted it to my handlebars and it works great.


I'm really happy with this phone case! I was doubting between this one and the magnet one and I decided to go for this. Mainly because of 2 reasons: first off all this one is waterproof (I live in California and while I don't ride that often in rain, I liked the idea of it being possible). And secondly because this case offers added protection for my phone in case anything happens. You never know what might happen and having this extra protection makes me feel more confident. Overall, great product and excellent service!