About Us

Phone Holder Store was founded by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that were looking for alternatives to motorcycle navigation systems available in the market.

Lots of people, including some us of, have paid over $400 for GPS navigation systems from big brands. Even though they are good, they also are extremely expensive. 

We started looking for something else when one of us cracked the screen and was charged $200 for the repair.

There has to be another way. During one of our travels we came across a group of fellow riders that used their smart phones as navigation systems. We were unsure at first (what if they come off and drop, right?) but they assured us it was all fine. There was one guy who even took his phone holder to the race track to keep a log of cornering speeds, lean angles and G-forces produced. After witnessing how they handled their bikes we knew those holders had to be strong.

We were convinced and started scouting for a good supplier. There are alternatives out there but they also set you back for $100 easily. Like most products these days, there are countless providers offering low-quality equipment. We didn't want either of that.

That's why we got our supplier to manufacture the phone holders according to our own specifications and price points. 

We struck a deal where we would help them build international sales because we believe motorcyclists like you deserve their products!

Enjoy our products and drop us a message if you want to know more!