Do you ship worldwide?

- No, we currently ship to the North America, Europe and Australia. 

How fast is your delivery?

- Because we ship our products directly from the supplier we are not able to deliver the next day. We usually are able to ship the product to our customers within 14 days and within 10 days to North America and Australia.

How come you can offer FREE shipping on all your products?

- Because we work with 1 supplier and all our orders are sent from that supplier we do not have to maintain expensive warehouses over the world. This dramatically reduces our shipping costs so we don't have to charge you anything.

How can I be sure my mobile phone is safe?

- All our mounts have been tested and all of them are of great quality. The waterproof casings protect your phone from any rain. The safest one is The Brick. Your phone is completely safe in that one!

Can I use your phone holders with any type of mobile phone?

Most of our phone holders, for example this one, are compatible with a variety of mobile phones. Others come in various sizes. And some are only suitable for one type of mobile phone. Make sure your check out the description so you order the correct one for you.

Can I track my shipment?

- Yes. Shortly after you have placed your order you will receive a shipment tracking code. You can use the code on this page to track your order.